Cryfi – The First Fully Transparent Signal Trading Platform

Mar 28, 2024

learn and earn by following blockchain-verified traders

Cryfi is your one-stop marketplace for sharing and monetizing trading signals as well as managing trading communities.

Our studies have shown that more and more traders are switching from traditional markets to crypto trading because of much higher volatility. More volatility means more chances to make a significant profit — but also more risk, especially for traders who are new to the crypto space and unfamiliar with the wide range of tokens available to choose from.

Luckily, many experienced professional traders share their trading strategies in the form of trading signals that can be copied and implemented by other people. This removes a significant burden for many and helps build a community focused on growing their portfolios together. However, trustworthy trading signal providers can be very difficult to find, and their trading strategies must be implemented manually — a frustrating process much like copying a document by hand instead of copy-pasting it.

On the flip side, trading signal providers have a hard time proving the validity of their trading strategies — in fact, this is impossible to do 100% verifiably without a full-scale trading skill assessment or a face-to-face Zoom call in which the trader screen shares their Binance trading history. Add to this the lack of a dedicated platform to facilitate payment collection from subscribers, and it’s a wonder anyone is able to grow a trading community at all.

Until now.

The Cryfi Signal Trading Solution

Meet Cryfi: the ultimate signal verification platform. With Cryfi, anyone can become blockchain-verified traders and signals can be shared within a community and easily traded on a CEX or DEX via API. This helps traders more easily find reliable signals and manage their own positions, while signal providers who deserve exposure for their signals can more efficiently share and monetize their trading strategies and manage their communities.

Cryfi V1 is launching this April as a free Telegram bot with an embedded interface for people to share their trading signals within their own Telegram communities. Users can directly implement these signals on Binance via API, saving them a ton of effort.

Cryfi V2, coming soon, will be a web app that stores a blockchain-verified signal history for all members and ranks signal providers’ performance on a leaderboard. This leaderboard will finally give pro traders an easy-to-use and trustworthy way to verifiably prove their trading strategies. V2 will also include a platform for signal providers to manage their communities and automatically collect subscription fees. Future additions to the platform will include more CEX and DEX integrations, advertising packages, a trading school, per-signal purchases, and integration with our upcoming CRFY token, among other great features.

Why Cryfi’s Proof-of-Signal Matters

Crypto trading communities often have a bad reputation for being the haven of scammers. How can traders trust the trading history of signal providers who only offer spreadsheets and screenshots of their trading accounts to demonstrate their capabilities? After all, such data can be easily manipulated, and it does happen!

That’s where blockchain Proof-of-Signal can make a real difference. Cryfi users always know they can trust the records of signal providers on our platform, because their signal history is verified and transparently recorded for posterity on the Polygon blockchain. Combined with our platform’s leaderboard, this is a powerful tool that gives traders the ability to quickly find signals they can feel comfortable placing their trust in. Meanwhile, providers can easily prove themselves without resorting to questionable tactics. It’s a perfect proof-of-trust solution.

Cryfi is More than a Trading Platform — it’s a One-Stop Trading Community

Signal monetization can be very challenging. It’s a simple fact: the best traders are busy trading and don’t have time for marketing. Meanwhile, scammers who know more about how social media algorithms work are getting all the exposure instead.

With Cryfi’s blockchain-verified leaderboard and platform-integrated advertising, traders can focus on what they do best and subscribers will come to them. This also removes a huge barrier of entry for new signal providers, as Cryfi allows anybody to post signals — track records speak for themselves on our leaderboard. Anybody who’s capable of demonstrating a solid performance history can grow a community of subscribers on Cryfi.

Gone are the days of channel blocks from bot attacks and competitors. All Cryfi members are recorded on the blockchain, ensuring our trading communities can be easily restored should they be banned or or deleted for any reason.

Members will have great reasons to stick around, too. The Cryfi leaderboard will only continue to grow more and more dependable as top performers accumulate longer track records of success. Our upcoming token launch will open up numerous new capabilities, and trading courses will help our community grow stronger together.

Our Partnerships, Team, and Traction Prove We Mean Business

In addition to the above, we’re also partnering with other platforms to provide even more blockchain-verified signals on Cryfi, and open up great features such as on-chain copy trading, algorithm trading, trading bots, and AI bots. We have partnerships with some great companies, including Analog, Copin, Crypto Arsenal, YOKI Finance and others.

Cryfi is led by a team of experts contributing over 50 years of product development, 30 years of blockchain, and 10 years of trading experience combined. Our team members have worked with leading brands including HTX, Equifax and other fintech leaders in the Web2 and Web3 spaces.

We've already secured strong traction even as a new player in the space. We ranked as the DWF Labs x AWS Hacka-TON finalists, and we’ve completed the Blockchain Founder Group acceleration program.

We’ve got some pretty great things in store for the Cryfi, and we’re looking forward to growing our community with you. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!

Founder’s Pass NFTs Launching Soon: Nab Yours for Exclusive Cryfi Perks!

To reward our early supporters, we will soon be launching a limited edition collection of 430 Founder’s Pass NFTs that will give holders special advantages on the Cryfi platform — including permanent access to paid signals, learning materials, our future token whitelist, and much, much more.

The Founder’s Pass NFT whitelist is now open — to participate, join our Galxe campaign for a chance to win up to $6,000 worth of free NFTs and earn a guaranteed spot on our whitelist!

More information about the Founder’s Pass sale will be released shortly. Watch this space!

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