Q3 2023

Full team assembled

Proof-of-Concept ready as a Telegram bot

Website ready

Q4 2023

Accelerated by Blockchain Founders Group

Initial community builduing

Partnerships are made with Analog, Copin, Crypto Arsenal, Yoki Finance, and others.

Q1 2024

MVP V1 development (signal creation & coping, tg channel connection)

MVP V1 release and closed alpha test

Q2 2024

Founder Pass NFT sale

MVP V2 development & release (list of Signal Providers, channel payments & management)

Q3 2024

Web App: Leaderboard with Signal Providers

Proof-of-Signal (blockchain verification)

Open API for Signal Providers

Q4 2024

Complex order execution on DEXes

Technical analysis creation & sharing

On-chart signal creation & execution

Q1-Q4 2025

Leaderboard with 3rd party automation strategies

Trading school & learning materials

Cryfi token launch