Introducing the Cryfi Founder Pass NFTs

Apr 3, 2024

Whale & Shark Pass NFTs

Cryfi’s Founder Pass NFTs are your ticket for lifetime access to the world’s hottest-growing trading community.

With Cryfi’s MVP launching in April 2024 and our larger web app platform coming soon, Cryfi has received a lot of support from our growing community to build a full-featured SocialFi trading signal marketplace. To show our appreciation to early Cryfi supporters for believing in our vision, we are launching a limited-availability Founder Pass NFT collection. Anyone who purchases a Founder Pass NFT will have access to a number of special perks that will permanently benefit them on our platform, including forever access to paid signals, learning materials, a spot on our future token whitelist, and much more.

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Details of the Founder Pass NFT Collection

We have a total of 430 Founder’s Pass NFTs available, split between 2 Tiers: the Shark Pass and the Whale Pass.

These utility NFTs cater to traders and early supporters of different levels, allowing holders to take full advantage of the Cryfi platform and our trading community. Founder’s Pass holders will become Cryfi’s early adopters and beta testers, taking part in our elite trading community.

Shark Pass

Our Shark Pass caters to novice traders. Holders of a Shark Pass NFT will have a lifetime subscription to Cryfi Pro and access to educational materials about trading created by pro traders on Cryfi’s leaderboard. Other valuable perks include early access to new features and our closed beta, a guaranteed spot on our token whitelist, and more.

Shark Pass Details

  • Shark Pass NFT Price: $300

  • Total Shark Pass NFTs: 404

  • No. Available at INO: 357

Permanent Benefits

  • Cryfi Pro Lifetime Subscription: Through Cryfi Pro, you’ll be able to copy technical analysis and signals right on the live chart to automate your signal execution even more. We also offer Shark Pass holders a discount on fees implemented when signals are executed on CEXes.

  • Trading Courses: Together with top-performing signal providers from our leaderboard, we will co-create the first-ever on-chain verified trading courses. These educational materials will be available only to Founder’s Pass holders and via $CRFY tokens.

  • Early Access to New Features: You will be among the first traders to try out all the new features we will release over the coming years, such as copy trading, AI trading bots, and much more. As a Founder’s Pass member, you’ll be part of a very limited group with exclusive access to the most cutting-edge features we release, giving you a distinct advantage over other traders on the market and empowering you to earn more.

  • Closed Group With Tier 2 Traders: We will create a group with the top 100 traders from our leaderboard (excluding the top 10), who will mentor and reply to any trading-related questions. To ensure the sharing of fair knowledge, traders will be motivated with our $CRFY token.

General benefits

  • Token Whitelist: Guaranteed chance to participate in our upcoming IDO dedicated specifically for early supporters.

  • Closed beta

  • Airdrop

The Whale Pass

With only 26 NFTs available, the Whale Pass is dedicated to Cryfi’s ambassadors and available only for signal providers and influencers through a private sale. Whale Pass benefits are created to provide unprecedented value to any Web3 user in the short and long term.

Whale Pass Details

  • Whale Pass NFT Price: $3,000

  • Total Whale Pass NFTs: 26

  • No. Available at INO: 20

Benefits for All

  • 10% Profit Sharing on Promotions: We will offer signal providers the opportunity to run paid promotions on Cryfi’s platform and social media channels. When they do, we’ll share 10% of the profits generated with all Whale Pass holders.

  • Increased Token Whitelist Allocation

  • Everything from the Shark Pass

Benefits for Signal Providers

  • 25% Promotional Discount: A permanent discount for promoting the holder’s signal provider channel on Cryfi.

  • Personal Marketing Mentorship: We’ll offer mentoring dedicated to helping providers optimize their content and reach a broader audience.

Benefits for Traders

  • Closed Group with Tier 1 Traders: We will create a group with the top 10 traders from our leaderboard, who will mentor and reply to any trading-related questions. To ensure fair knowledge sharing, traders will be motivated with the $CRFY token.

  • Signal Channel Subscription: Forever access to one signal channel of your choice that doesn’t exceed $150 per month. This feature alone repays the cost of the whale pass after just 1.7 years!

  • 0% Trading Commission

Join Cryfi Early to Benefit the Most

Cryfi is a one-stop marketplace for sharing and monetizing trading signals, and managing trading communities. We’re building a full-featured platform where traders can quickly and easily find the most effective trading signals via a leaderboard of providers with blockchain-verified Proof-of-Signal track records. Signals can be easily implemented on a CEX or DEX via API. Meanwhile, signal providers can employ Cryfi’s per-channel subscriptions to monetize their trading strategies transparently and straightforwardly. With Cryfi automatically handling member management and advertising options, signal providers can focus on their signals without worrying about the nuances of running the community.

Early supporters stand to gain the most from the Cryfi platform. Signal providers who join from the start will have the first chance to verify their trading capabilities on the blockchain, giving them a stronger chance to place at the top of our leaderboard from early on. This means that traders will immediately enjoy all the benefits of participating in a trustworthy trading community, potentially giving them a leg up on the rest of the market.

And that’s not even taking into account the outstanding Founder’s Pass NFT perks. With a Shark or Whale pass in your wallet, the Cryfi platform becomes significantly more valuable. And if you ever decide it’s not for you at a later date, the NFT can easily be sold to another platform member. These Founder’s Pass NFTs are our gift to you, our early supporters and biggest fans, to show our gratitude for your help in making Cryfi the greatest trading community on the planet.

If you’d like to show even more support and potentially win up to $6,000 worth of NFTs while doing so, don’t miss your chance to join our Galxe campaign!

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